Recorder audio Sangean DAR-101

[cod: 991832]
599,00 RON

Built-in high fidelity stereo microphone with dual AGC loop, telephone / music / reminder 3 individual modes in 1, easy to read LCD display with adjustable backlight, timer record / standby record / timer play, recording density: 64k / 128k / 192k bps, adjustable recording level and balance, recordable media: SD card by MP3 format, telephone record by hook on / off control, recording source modes: internal microphone, external microphone, telephone and line-in, external audio source recording through line-in / audio sync, external stereo microphone socket applicable for, capturing stereo audio sound, built-in higher sensitivity internal microphone, with dual AGC control, file browsing management, convenient rotary menu, voice activation recording, support MP3, WMA media with SD card or USB 2.0 mass storage device, telescope connecting cable and splitter